Friday, 3 December 2010

New finds in Taxila, Gandhara Kingdom

Gold coins were among the relics unearthed from the capital of an ancient Buddhist Kingdom in Northwest Pakistan, according to published reports.
Also found in Taxila, the seat of the Kingdom of Gandhara and a learning center, were in excess of 100 seals of ancient Buddhist Kingdom, the rare Red Stone, and sculptures of Buddha, according to People's Daily online. Officials believe the find dates to a time period between the first century BC and the fifth century AD.
The Archaeology and Museums Department found the artifacts during their most recent excavations of the Taxila Region. The collection at the Taxila museum will feature the seals.
Believed to be the largest collection from one location, the seals were found in a cell. The seals hold images of icons and motifs, which officials believe indicates the monastery was the recipient of donations or had deep economic ties with states.
Taxila is the cradle of civilization in the East. Known as Takshasila, Buddhism prospered since the reign of the Indian king Ashoka, whose rule was from 272 to 232 BC.

Source: International Business Times

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