Friday, 6 May 2011

Chang'an: The Starting Point of the Silk Road and East-West Exchange Lectures and Film Screenings

The following program complements the Penn Museum’s ongoing Secrets of the Silk Road exhibition and interactive experience, which features replicas of the Tarim Basin mummies and related artifacts through June 5, 2011.

In partnership with the Penn Museum, Xi'an’s Daming Palace Foundation is sending a delegation to America to share new archaeological discoveries and scholarly research on the Silk Road. The main topics for presentation will include the development of the Silk Road during the Han and Tang Dynasties, the latest archaeological discoveries in Xi’an, and activities relating to UNESCO-sponsored World Heritage.

This lecture will be held in the Rainey Auditorium. Admission is open to the public with free admission.


5:00 pm Remarks by Mr. He Jianchao, the Representative of Da Ming Palace Foundation

5:10 pm Daming Palace National Heritage Park by Ms. Wu Chun

5:20 pm Han and Tang Chang'an - The Starting Point of the Silk Road by Mr. Wang Youqun

6:00 pm Sogdian People in China by Mr. Yang Junkai

Film Screenings from the Qujiang Film Investment Group

7:10 pm "Legend of the Daming Palace" (70 minutes)

9:35 pm CCTV's new large-scale TV documentary "The New Silk Road” (20 minutes)

Source: Events Calendar Penn Museum

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