Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Sino- Platonic Papers no 211-213 are out !

The Origin of the Kushans, by YU Taishan
Issue no 212 in the series Sino Platonic Papers

The “Guishuang 貴霜” found in the Chinese histrical records must have been the “Kuṣāṇa (Kushan)” seen on existing coins and in the inscriptions found in Central Asia and the northwest subcontinent. The origin of the Guishuang 貴霜 is one of the weak links in research on Kushan history. Up to now there seems to be no hypothesis that is internally consistent.....

The two other new issues in the Sino Platonic Papers series are:
no. 211: Confucius and Lao Zi: Their Differing Social Foundations and Cultures, by ZHOU Jixu
no. 213: Early Development of Bronze Metallurgy in Eastern Eurasia, by Xiang WAN

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