Monday, 17 October 2011

Strange Xinjiang tomb puzzles researchers

From the Institute of Archeology/ Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (IA CASS)

Recently archaeologists from Xinjiang archaeological team of Archaeological Institute, subordinated to Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, recently discovered a strange tomb formed by black and white stones in a flatland near the Tashikuergan River in Xinjiang province.

Fist-sized black and white stones are alternatively lying on the 100-meter by 50-meter flatland. On the western side of the flat, there is a circular tomb with a diameter of 2 meters. At sunset, the smooth and round black stones and the angular white stones reflect the sunlight, which presents a solemn appearance.

Wu Xinhua, captain of the archaeological team, said that it was the first time to discover a tomb of this kind. No similar tombs were ever discovered in Pamirs, the Qinghai-Tibet plateau or Central Asia.

Source: People's Daily Online

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