Sunday, 6 November 2011

The Silk Road journal Volume 9 2011

The Silk Road Journal
Volume 9 2011

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This volume of The Silk Road opens with a study of the Brunei shipwreck, placing it in the wider context of maritime trade in Southeast Asia around 1500 CE. There are two articles dealing with images of Sogdian funerary practices, one based on materials found in China, the other on a vase found in Central Asia. A first for the journal, we have a report on a recent archaeological excavation in Iran, at a Parthian site. There is a photo essay on the Liao period Chaoyang Northern Pagoda, followed by an overview of the interesting collections of the Azerbaijan Museum in Tabriz. As the next article suggests, progress has been made in Afghanistan to restore and create museums, in the face of the ongoing difficult situation there. The “Wall of Chingis Khan” in Eastern Transbaikalia has long been a subject of speculation; here we learn about its Liao Dynasty origins, as demonstrated by recent archaeological surveys. One of the largest Xiongnu cemetaries is mapped in the next article. A long section of reviews begins with a review essay on a study of textiles and costume among the Pazyryk nomads of the Altai.

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