Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Liaoning museum hosts Hongshan culture exhibit

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Liaoning Province in the northeast, was home to the advanced Hongshan culture, whose achievements lie buried under the soil across countless sites. Over the past several decades, archaeologists have unearthed hundreds of priceless artifacts, which are being displayed at the Liaoning Provincial Museum in Shenyang.
Nearly 600 pieces showcasing more than 6 decades of hard work.
The relics were unearthed at the Niuheliang ruins, a major neolithic site that displays the essence of Hongshan culture. Niuheliang was home to many temples and burial sites, flourishing as far back as 5,000 years ago.
Organized into six categories, the exhibition starts from the Palaeolithic period all the way to the Qing dynasty, spanning tens of thousands of years.
After an archaeological team was set up here in 1954, the province carried out dozens of digs and hundreds of projects aimed at preserving historic sites. Eight projects were honored with being the "Top Yearly National Archaeological Finds".
Experts believe Liaoning Province has many vital findings that signify the origin, unification and development of Chinese civilization.

Source: CCTV 23 May 2014

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