Saturday, 28 February 2015

Early Christian Remains of Inner Mongolia

Early Christian Remains of Inner Mongolia

Discovery, Reconstruction and Appropriation. Second Edition, Revised, Updated and Expanded

by Tjalling H.F. Halbertsma, University of Groningen

SBN13: 9789004288836
E-ISBN: 9789047443230
Publication Date: February 2015
Copyright Year: 2015
Format: Paperback
The early Christian presence in Inner Mongolia forms the subject of this book. These Nestorian remains must primarily be attributed to the Öngüt, a Turkic people closely allied to the Mongols. Writing in Syriac, Uighur and Chinese scripts and languages, the Nestorian Öngüt drew upon a variety of religions and cultures to decorate their gravestones with crosses rising from lotus flowers, dragons and Taoist imagery. This heritage also portrays designs found in the Islamic world. Taking a closer look at the discovery of this material and its significance for the study of the early Church of the East under the Mongols, the author reconstructs the Nestorian culture of the Öngüt.

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