Monday, 11 December 2017

College de France and the Shahnameh: the Book of Kings

At College de France you will find the latest research in natural and social sciences with lectures, seminars, symposia open to the general public and audio, video and online publications.

One of the topics is History and Literature and there you'll find Frantz Grenet who for many years gives very interesting lectures on many subjects regarding the history and culture of pre-islamic Central Asia.

2016/2017 is about "Le Livre des Rois de Ferdowsi et les épopées sistaniennes : strates textuelles, strates iconographiques" (Ferdowsi's “Shahnameh”: The book of kings).

I've chosen out of the many video's which are available two who are in English:

Sistani Epics in the Shāhnāma Manuscript Tradition: on the Demon Shabrang and the Hero Barzu

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