Monday, 15 October 2018

Chinese walls Conference this Thursday and Friday in Vienna

Success and Failure of Wall Building in Human History
Conference 18-20 October 2018
University of Vienna, Institute of Art History, Seminar Room 1
Garnisongasse 13, Court 9 (Uni Campus), 1090 Wien


Thursday, October 18
Welcome and Opening address Lukas Nickel and Robert Rollinger

Panel 1, Panel Chair: Eberhard Sauer
Gebhard Selz, Wien,
The Martu-Wall of the UR-III period
11:00 coffee break
Robert Rollinger, Innsbruck,
The Median wall and Xenophon
Lukas Nickel, Wien,
The Qin and Han Great Wall
12:45-14:30 Lunch BreakPanel 2, Panel Chair: Christoph Schäfer
Nicola DiCosmo, Princeton,
The Chinese Wall from a Nomadic Perspective
15:15-16:00Krzysztof Nawotka, Wrocław,The „Gates of Alexander“ and the Caucasian Wall of Derbent
16:00 coffee break16:15-17:15
Discussion (Tim Taylor)
19:00 Conference Dinner (Speakers and Discussants only)

Friday, October 19
Panel 3, 
Panel Chair: Lukas Nickel
Lauren Morris, Freiburg,
The Iron Gate wall in Uzbekistan
Eberhard Sauer et al., Edinburgh,
The Wall of Gorgan
10:30-11:00 Coffee Break
Dirk Rupnow, Innsbruck,
The Berlin Wall
11:45-12:30Discussion (Sitta von Reden)
12:30-14:30 Lunch Break
afternoon:Excursion: Roman Vienna(with Andreas Schwarcz, Wien)
Saturday, October 20
Panel 4, 
Panel Chair: Robert Rollinger
9:30-10:15Kai Ruffing, Kassel,The Hadrian ́s Wall
Christoph Schäfer, Trier,
The Rhine and Danube Limes
11:00 Coffee break
Concluding Remarks and Final discussion
(Bert Fragner)


Garnisongasse 13, Universitätscampus Hof 9, 1090 Wien
T: +43-1-4277-41401
F: +43-1-4277-9414

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