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The Golden Summary of Cinggis Qayan

NEW (December 2009) from the Harrassowitz Publishing House

The Golden Summary of Cinggis Qayan
Cinggis Qayan-u Altan Tobci
Rogers, Leland L

The Golden Summary of Cinggis Qayan is the earliest post-Mongol Empire period compilation of legends of the Chinggis Khaan mythos known to date. These stories are the original legends from which many later Chinggis Khaan Chronicles were based and were central to the mythos of the Cult of Chinggis Khaan. The stories within legitimize the rules of Chinggis Khaan and his descendants through divine acts, but also clearly show the human side of Chinggis Khaan, of how he erred from lust and anger, and of his willingness to correct his mistakes, to listen to reason, thus making him the great just and righteous emperor. This book contains together with extensive commentary the first full Latin transcription, English translation and word index of the pages unearthed in Inner Mongolia in the Mid-20th Century

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