Thursday, 19 August 2010

Online Chat! Secrets of the Silk Road - Revealed

From the Houston Museum of Natural Science and
The Secrets of the Silk Road Exhibition!

Time August 24 · 7:00pm - 8:00pm
Location Your Computer

Extraordinary mummies, discovered along an ancient road. Artifacts representing lavish goods, technologies and ideas exchanged between East and West thousands of years ago. Uncover these mysteries even before out Secrets of the Silk Road exhibition opens during our upcoming Online Chat!

During this online event, Curator of Anthropology Dirk Van Tuerenhout previews the exhibition, presents a never-before-seen video delving into recent genetic studies done on these striking mummies, and answers your questions about the amazing secrets it reveals.

Who were the people buried in Asia almost 4,000 years ago - with Caucasian characteristics? What do their genes tell us about where they came from? When exactly did mankind's desire to explore first push him to traverse these deserts? What was ordinary life like for these extraordinary travelers?

Explore these questions and many more during our Online Chat on Aug. 24!


Teaser Video:

Uncover The Secrets of the Silk Road from HMNS on Vimeo.

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