Sunday, 22 August 2010

Update from Field Expedition Mongolia

1.000.000 tags reached!!
At 10 AM on August 17th, user PeterZ9 from the Netherlands was exploring the map above. PeterZ9 was a relatively new virtual explorer, having joined the expedition just 1 hour previous. But he (we're assuming that you're a "he", PeterZ9!) had already examined 47 maps before this one and was on his way to becoming a proficient virtual explorer.
PeterZ9 quickly identified the road running up the center of the map and then suspected that the winding lines, banked by trees on both sides of the map were probably rivers. Next, he examined the big black blotch to the south of the river on the left. PeterZ9 placed an "ancient structure" tag here, perhaps thinking that the regular, circular shape and unusual color were indicative of some man-made activity from years gone by.
He didn't know it at the time but this was the one millionth tag contributed by our virtual explorers!
PeterZ9 has built on the massive effort from all our virtual explorers over the past 2 months. Thousands of you have marked roads and rivers, spotted structures from modern and ancient times and identified all sorts of curious anomalies on the Mongolian landscape that have puzzled, provoked, intruiged and inspired the Valley of the Khans expedition team. It would never have been possible for our team alone to analyze so many images with such intensity and expertise. So, from the entire Valley of the Khans and National Geographic team, a big THANK YOU to all our virtual explorers for the fantastic effort and great work that you have contributed.

But don't get complacent!
There are still thousands of maps that have not been explored and many more discoveries to be made.
Now is the time to redouble our efforts and find out who's going to make tag number 2,000,000!

Go to: National Geographic Field Expedition Mongolia

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