Friday, 24 September 2010

Great frescoes from Song Dynasty excavated

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In July this year, an excavator accidentally dug out a grave from about a thousand years ago.
The site in Guiyang county is the biggest one with the most abundant frescoes ever found in Hunan Province.
The west and east side of the grave has frescoes of a black dragon and a white tiger.
Underneath, there are eighteen armed warriors each with a different facial expression. The vault chamber has frescoes of tree peony, double-bird and double-phoenix.
In front of the grave, there are frescoes of a master of ceremonies with seven female Taoists holding scepter boards.
The most special one is the "Fairy Children." It appears at the back of the grave in the fresco of "leading the soul to the heaven" with great Taoist culture embedded.
Researchers now know that the owner was a female, But her identity is still a mystery.
Source: CNTV

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