Tuesday, 14 September 2010

John Man – In search of Genghis’s grave: A close call on Holy Mountain

This is a short story written by John Man which does not reveal new information but nevertheless shows how special John Man is as a story teller.

John Man is a historian and travel writer with a special interest in Mongolia and China.His Genghis Khan: Life, Death and Resurrection has become an international bestseller. He is also the author of Alpha Beta on the roots of the Roman alphabet, The Gutenberg Revolution on the origins and impact of printing, Genghis Khan, Attila the Hun, Kublai Khan, The Terracotta Army, The Great Wall and The leadership Secrets of Genghis Khan. He recently climbed the sacred mountain in Mongolia on which Genghis is supposedly buried. This adventure is included in the new edition of Genghis Khan: Life, Death and Resurrection, due out early in 2011.

For the full article of this climb of the Burkhan Khaldun in search of Genghis's grave, go to the site of Random House India.

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