Monday, 22 November 2010

Photo's from the HMNS Exhibition

From the HMNS Website:
"Strikingly well-preserved mummies, tall in stature and fair in complexion, have lain in the parched Tarim Basin of western China for 3,800 years. Wearing Western-influenced textiles and possessing surprising technologies and customs, the identity of these extraordinary people is a mystery!

This historic exhibition of 150 objects drawn from the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Museum and the Xinjiang Institute of Archaeology in Urumqi, China reveals surprising details about the people who lived along the ancient Silk Road. For the first time ever, three of the more than 100 Caucasian mummies found and preserved in the western China’s inhospitable desert sands are being presented in the United States. An impressive array of objects are included in the exhibition to represent the full extent of the Silk Road, where lavish goods, technologies and ideas between East and West were adopted and exchanged."

** These photo's were made by Cyberload.This was a special opportunity for Flickr photographers. Photography is NOT allowed during this exhibit. **

The Beauty of Xioahe, 1800 - 1500 BC


Curly Hatted Kneeling Warrior

Stone Mask


Working Hard

I'm putting my foot down!

Oxhead, 1800 - 1500 BC

The Beauty of Xioahe, 1800 - 1500 BC

Infant mummy, 8th century BC

Wooden Boat

Metal Bowl with Face

Wooden Boxes

Pretty Dancer with Bird

Bearded Man

Textile Shoes

Walk like a... Chinese man?

Trappings of Yingpan Man. 3rd - 4th century

Textile Printing Detail

Red & Blue Garment

Stone Hammer

Feathered Arrows

Wooden Oar Detail

Shoes with Embroidered Characters, 4th century

Gold Mask, 5th - 6th century. The mask is made from two pieces of gold foil soldered together and joined with rivets. The eyebrows, eyes and beard are made with inlaid rubies.

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