Sunday, 14 November 2010

CCTV Documentary on DunHuang on YouTube

"Dunhuang" is in ten episodes, each running for 45 minutes. It presents a compelling chronicle of the historical site of Dunhuang, in Northwest China's Gansu province.
Located at the head of the ancient trade route the Silk Road, the town of Dunhaung was founded as a prefecture during the early Han Dynasty,some two thousand years ago. This is when people in central China first came into large-scale contact with communities to their west. Over the following centuries, Buddhist grottos were built, which featured exquisite wall paintings and stone sculptures. During the Song Dynasty around a thousand years ago, the site fell into oblivion. It was discovered in the late 19th century.
The series was filmed using the latest High Definition technology. It was produced by the same team that created "Palace Museum", a very popular documentary from a couple of years ago. As well as breathtaking photography, the production required extensive research by leading international scholars. The crew of more than one hundred made nine arduous trips to the site.
The score is by He Yong and Zhang Chu, both pioneers of Chinese rock'n'roll. They adapted folk music from the area into their arrangements. Xu Wei, another veteran rock'n'roller, sings the theme song.

As you will notice, it is exclusively in Chinese but that is good for your practice!
For a complete list of all the episodes click HERE

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