Sunday, 13 February 2011

Rebuilding Bamiyan

In 2001 the Taliban swept through Afghanistan's Bamiyan Valley. Their target was the colossal stone Buddha statues which had stood for over 1500 years. The world watched powerless as one of its true wonders was lost. In Rebuilding Bamiyan Al Jazeera's Nadene Ghouri travels to Bamiyan to explore the restoration work being done on the site, and to talk to those planning to rebuild the statues.

This video is from 2007.

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عدنان علی said...

The author,
Which has post this article i want to say something that before you want to post any article than you must read the complete history of that group,
Changaz Khan grandson was killed in Bamiyan valley by the Hazara in 1221, than how could you relate Hazara to Changaz or his son Mongol or others,
I am not telling any story it is fate,
The Buddha of Bamiyan was build in 5century and Changaz came to the region in 12century, Before Changaz Hazara live in Bamiyan valley for 700years than how could you say we are same.
Before you post anything you must read the history,