Wednesday, 2 February 2011

What's going on? Philly Museum Removes Mummies After China Objects

The Penn Museum in Philadelphia will remove two mummies and more than 100 historical artifacts from a long-awaited exhibit because of objections from Chinese officials.
The exhibit "Secrets of the Silk Road" was to open on Saturday at the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology.
The main attraction was a nearly 4,000-year-old pristinely preserved mummy from far western China.
Museum spokeswoman Pam Kosty said Wednesday she cannot discuss details of the dispute. The exhibit already has been displayed at museums in Texas and California.
Kosty says several thousand tickets were pre-sold for the exhibit. The museum plans to put on a pared-down display with photos of the mummies and artifacts, along with multimedia exhibits.
Source: ABC

I feel sorry for the staff and employees of the Penn's who for sure must have worked very hard to prepare a wonderful exhibition with lots of additional treasures in the form of lectures etc.
Such a pity that it has to be cancelled.
I saw most of the objects in 2008 in Mannheim (Germany) and was impressed.

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dan said...

URgent news tipper

>> i have some inside info on this if you care to know more... contact me :
>> -- Danny Bloom, reporter Taiwan and USa. i am in the phone book.
,....i know the ***real reasons for what has happened, but I won't be
>> able to reveal them until the exhibition is over (June 5). but i could whisper to your ears here if you so wish to hear on background only
>> RE: The incident "has now reached the highest levels of both the
>> United States and Chinese governments."
>> AND: "The artifacts have been in the Penn storeroom for a long time,
>> but the Chinese communist government suddenly told UPenn -- without
>> giving any explanation why -- that UPenn is not permitted to open the
>> crates and install the artifacts in the cases they have prepared so
>> exactingly."
>> And: "UPENN will at least still have an educational display utilizing
>> the resources, interactive displays, and so forth that they have put
>> together."
>> Even though the opening has already been delayed, UPENN has not given
>> up. This story has legs. It's communist china vs free America,
>> disinformation vs information, thuggery vs democracy.