Thursday, 10 March 2011

Hirayama Ikuo and the Preservation of Buddhist Heritage

The exhibition, "Hirayama Ikuo and the Preservation of Buddhist Heritage" was recently held at the Tokyo National Museum.
This exhibition honors Hirayama Ikuo's outstanding contribution to the preservation of cultural heritage, and seeks to renew awareness of the value of heritage preservation as well as highlight challenges being faced in the field. Works on exhibit include many of the Buddhist sculptures and wall paintings which captivated Hirayama, and which originated in and around India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, China and Cambodia, marking the trail of Buddhism's traversal across Asia.

An excellent blogpost of this exhibition can be found at " Through the Sapphire Sky"

"Sanwei Mountain, Dunhuang"(left), "Mingsha Sand Dune, Dunhuang"(right)
By Hirayama Ikuo, 1985, Narukawa Art Museum, Lake Ashi, Hakone, Kanagawa

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