Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Afghanistan: Crossroads of the Ancient World

Maybe you own it already as you bougt it during an earlier stop of this travelling exhibition.
If not, go to the website of the British Museum

Afghanistan: Crossroads of the Ancient World

Ancient Afghanistan was the crossroads of civilization in Central Asia. Its archeological treasures date back more than four thousand years and bear the imprint of numerous cultures, attesting to Afghanistan's pivotal importance in the exchange of goods and ideas from Asia to the Mediterranean.

Nearly 230 artefacts from the rich mosaic of Afghanistan's cultural heritage are explored in this outstanding book. The extraordinary objects presented here range in date from 2200BC - AD 200 and are drawn from four different archeological sites. This lavish volume not only focuses on the cultural significance of the objects, but also relays the story of their discovery, excavation, and heroic rescue in modern-day Afghanistan.

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