Friday, 1 April 2011

The Silk Road in Houston

Houston Public Library and the Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China in Houston present: The Silk Road
April 1 – May 31, 2011
Central Library | 500 McKinney, 77002 Houston, Texas

The world-renowned ancient Silk Road is an extensive network of trade routes connecting Asia and Europe and a channel of cultural dialogue between the East and the West. It serves as a conduit for the spread of cultures, ideas and religions. It has witnessed frequent and friendly exchanges between China and other foreign countries and their peoples.

There are several ancient "Silk Roads" within China’s territory, including the Silk Road in Desert, the Silk Road on the Prairies, the Silk Road across Mountains and Canyons and the Maritime Silk Road. This exhibition focuses on the western part of the Silk Road in China, which demonstrates many of the ruins of Buddhist grottoes and temples along the Silk Road winding through the Gobi Deserts, oasis and grasslands, as well as sectors of the Great Wall, pavilions, beacon towers, castles and posts that have gone through the vicissitudes of history.

Those historical sites and ruins set on the Silk Road like brilliant pearls, the lifestyle and customs of the people living there for generations are also displayed to show the cultural glamour of the Silk Road. This exhibition on the Silk Road in China aims to carry on the immortal memories and great hopes of humanity. The exchange and mutual interaction between Chinese and foreign cultures not only made Chinese culture what it is today, but also enriched the cultural diversity of the world. We hope the exchange of cultures, ideas and emotions among people in different parts of the world will become more and more dynamic in the new century and the ancient Silk Road will continue to grow and prosper in a modern way.

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silk road said...

i hope this kind of exhibition bring understanding between the Uyghurs and West that as soon as people heard that muslims, they label them as a terrorist; like it illustrated in Hollywood movies. I hope it will boost the tourism of the Ancient Silk Road.