Monday, 6 June 2011

Salvage work continues on Nan'ao One

30 May, 2011 CCTV.CN
An ancient Chinese ship, Nan'ao One, has captured the nation's imagination as underwater salvage work on the vessel continues.
The highlights of today's operation include a closer look at the main structure of the ancient vessel, including the bow, stern, masts, sails, and possibly the anchors and cargo cabins.
The merchant ship sank in the "San Dian Jin" waters off the coast of Nan'ao Island nearly six centuries ago during the Ming Dynasty, a time of prosperous commerce and foreign trade. It was accidentally discovered by a group of local fishermen in 2007.
Nearly 3000 relics have been recovered from the ship, including a great number of blue and white porcelain pieces. The salvage work is still continuing.

For the video of this operation (45 sec) click HERE

For a live broadcast of the salvage operations on the 25th of May, 2011 (54 min 24 sec), click HERE

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