Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Documentary traces glory of silk road

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After the successful documentary series "Palace Museum" and "Dun Huang", China's TV professionals have begun shooting another documentary called "Silk Road". The film went into production last Saturday in Turpan of northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, a major stop on the old trade route.
The documentary tracks the origin and development of the silk road, the ancient commercial route linking China and countries to the west starting some two thousand years ago. The documentary will recount the role the road has played in the politics, economy, culture and military of China. It will also narrate some legendary stories that have happened along the road.

The 10,000 kilometer route started from Xi'an in Shaanxi Province, making its way west through Gansu's Dunhuang, and some major towns of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. Merchants trekked along the path to trade with western countries as far away as Italy.
Chen Xiaoqing, director of Department of Operation, CCTV Documentary Channel said, "It's the first time for the Chinese to shoot a documentary about the silk road. First, from China to Italy, we will complete all the work without help from any foreign teams. Second, we will put emphasis on the stories of people who created civilization on the two thousand year old road."
Produced by CCTV's documentary channel, the entire show will be divided into eight 50-minute episodes. The program is scheduled to be aired in June of next year.


Nancy Wilson said...

It is July 2012. Is the documentary available, in English, for purchase in USA? I travel to China, have been to the Caves etc several times, leading private university groups and others for educational purposes. Am aligned with director of the cave restoration. How can I purchase your documentary, as soon as possible? Thank you.

Hans van Roon said...

Hello Nancy,
I read that the first airing of this new documentary has been scheduled now for December 2012! (see this link, page 11: http://issuu.com/mipmarkets/docs/miptv-focus_on_china-2012
I'm not sure that it will ever become available on DVD but you can watch it for sure on the internet on CCTV " Journeys in Time"
Have you noticed the links to other Silk Road linked subjects/ documentaries on the right hand side of the site?
By the way, great job you have,