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50 Tael "Yuan Bao"Sycee Ingot of Khubilai Khan

The April 2012 Hong Kong Auction

Lot #20605CHINA. Yuan Dynasty Zhi Yuan. 50 Tael "Yuan Bao" Ingot, Year 14 (1277).

50 Tael "Yuan Bao" Sycee Ingot of Khubilai Khan.
Description:1894 gms. Khubilai Khan (the fifth Great Khan, grandson of Ghengis Khan) (1260-94). BMC-unlisted; Chen-14; NI Bulletin-Vol.45 Nos. 7/8, pg. 125/9(this sycee pictured); Pictorial Yuanbao-unlisted. Dated the 14th year of the Zhiyuan era (1277), inscribed Yangzhou (Jiangsu) Salt market (tax), casting official: Liu Sheng, silver official: Wang Ying, silversmith: Hou Junyong, weight: 50 lang, purity level ten, Treasury official Meng Gui, silversmith She Yuan, Mai Ye, silver treasury three, with denomination at upper left and ruler's name and date at lower center. Inscription in grass and orthodox style scripts, inscribed "Yuan Bao" [Treasury of the Yuan (Dynasty)] cast into reverse. This type of sycee was recorded by Marco Polo in his travels through China. From 1260 to 1264 Khubilai Khan used the era name "Zhongtong". Beginning in 1264 he took the reign title (era name) Zhiyuan. It would not be until seven years later, in 1271, that he would name the country Yuan. This ingot is marked Zhiyuan which places it in the Yuan Dynasty and with this title places the year 14 as (1277). Experts suggest that approximately ten of these Yuan Bao 50 Tael ingots are known to exist, seven of which are accounted for in museums. EXTREMELY RARE and historically very important.VERY FINE.Ex: Ponterio & Associates, Inc. A division of Bowers and Merena auction #154 June 2010, lot #8278 where it sold for $64,900.00.
Estimate:$50,000 - $75,000
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