Sunday, 18 August 2013

The Capital of the Yuan Dynasty

The Capital of the Yuan Dynasty
by Gaohua Chen 

Hardcover: 357 pages
Publisher: Silkroad Press (September 20, 2013) Language: English
ISBN-10: 9814332445 ISBN-13: 978-9814332446

This book presents a comprehensive analysis on the development of the capital of the Yuan Dynasty, a historic landmark in the history of China; Additionally, the book provides detailed information on different aspects of the capital, including the political events, economic environment, and cultural contribution.

Chen Gaohua is Director at the Institute of History of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and was the Director of the Research Center of the Song, Liao, Jin, and Yuan Dynasties. He is the author of The Oversea Trade in the Song and Yuan Dynasties, The Capital City of the Yuan Dynasties, Research of the Yuan Dynasty, and Chen is the co-editor of the Cambridge History of China (The Qin and Han Dynasties)

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