Friday, 26 June 2015

French researchers believe they have discovered the tomb of Chinggis Khaan

Within the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Mongolia and France, the sides are jointly displaying the exhibition “Mongolia-France Archaeological Discoveries in Cooperation of 20 years” at the Mongolian National Museum.
The archaeological collaboration between Mongolia and France began in 1994 and has since carried out a wide range of exploration, excavations, and research in 17 different locations, covering all historical stages of Mongolia so far. France has spent over 200,000 EUR on recovering over 200 archaeological findings between 1996 and 2004.
The exhibition is open from June 18 to July 30, and displays around 50 assortments of 300 archaeological findings discovered in joint projects of the last two decades. Some 60 percent of the findings on display have never been showed to the public before.

According to French archaeologist and researcher Pierre Giscard, who was present at the press conference, French researchers believe they have discovered the tomb of Chinggis Khaan using modern technology. Respecting the request of the people of Mongolia, they have no intention or interest in revealing the location. If Mongolian institutions make the decision to dig, the people who carry out the dig will only be Mongolians, Giscard told to

PS Up to now I've tried to get this news verified by other sources but have not succeeded yet / Hans van Roon

Archaeological discoveries exhibited at National Museum Mongolia


2015-06-19 15:00 GMT+9
This year, 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between France and Mongolia is being celebrated. In scope of the anniversary, "Mongolian-French archaeological discoveries. Twenty years of cooperation" exhibition opened at the National History Museum of Mongolia, yesterday.
History and Archaeology Institution of Academy of Science, Institute of Deserts and Steppes of France and National History Museum of Mongolia are jointly organizing the exhibition.
Two countries have launched archaeological cooperation since 1994 and archaeological exploration and excavation was conducted in 17 sites.
Over 300 findings are being exhibited to the public which was discovered in scope of  the 20 years of cooperation.
60 percent of the findings have not showed before and the exhibition to open to the public until September 01.
Хоромсогоны ясан чимэглэл
Модон бамбай
Жадны гилбэр
Байлдааны зээтүү
Хүрэл хутга ба модон хуй
Чулуун шигтгээтэй алтан ээмэг
Үслэг арьсан уут
Жадны гилбэр, төмөр алх болон алхны толгой

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