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Pharmaceutical form and Dunhuang literature of the Tang Dynasty

Pharmaceutical form and Dunhuang literature of the Tang Dynasty

Rissho University Faculty of Letters Academic Monographs 01

Atsushi Iwamoto (Author)

In the first year, "pharmaceutical form and Dunhuang literature of the Tang Dynasty" Atsushi Iwamoto full-time lecturer of the University Faculty of History Department from among many applicants were selected. This document is intended to boast the full contents of up to about 300 pages, the view from the fragments of the Dunhuang literature distributed in Japan, China, France, the United Kingdom was carried out restoration and analysis of the compilation for the emperor pharmaceutical certificate of Tang Dynasty "ShinOsamu Materia Medica" -term thing.

Table of Contents:

Shiruberon from north and south morning of the Sui and Tang pharmaceutical and society - was mainly seen from the involvement of the excavated literature

Medical system in the first part of North Korea - Naokusuri Norigo Xu Zhi talent around
And the establishment of Chapter 1, the Northern Qi regime "Minamishi" Jonosai
Hisashi pharmacy birth of the Chapter 2, Northern Qi-Jonosai "medicine pair"
    Chapter 3 pharmaceutical certificate of inheritance over from morning north and south to the Sui Tang "Shiji" justice-Sakukomo Tokoro引 "medicine pair" Remarks

Medical institutions and Materia Medica written in the second part of Tang Dynasty - the study of Dunhuang this "ShinOsamu Materia Medica"
In Chapter 4, "ShinOsamu Materia Medica" research over Dunhuang Hikyuu this center of Jorei
Chapter 5 medical policy of the Tang Dynasty and the "ShinOsamu Materia Medica" - this cursive script and Domitsugi
"ShinOsamu Materia Medica" in the Dunhuang seen from Chapter 6 Shihai
Chapter 7 Materia Medica statement and Society in Kaihagata Materia Medica considered over Dunhuang
Chapter 8 Dunhuang book "ShinOsamu Materia Medica" Coleoptera

Third part of the Western Regions unearthed literature and Japanese culture
     Chapter 9 Six Dynasties Sui and Tang Five Dynasties and the "spirit 棋経" in Japan
     Chapter 10 Dunhuang Turpan "onset form" small Remarks - of Russia and Germany built the literature 試釈 and the "Uranaikotoryaku determined"
     Through the comparison of

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