Monday, 18 July 2011

Central Asia: A Maturing Field

On September 20- 22, 2011 will be held the 12th ESCAS Biennal Conference at the University of Cambridge, UK. ESCAS stands for: European Society for Central Asia Studies, University of Cambridge, UK

Accepted papers relating to this conference

- Dilyara Atajanova, "The Diversity between European and Central Asian Handicraft Statutes"
- Dilnoza Duturaeva, "Khitan-Nomadic, Chinese and Central Asian aspects of the Qara Khitai Culture"
- William Fitzhugh, "The Mongolian Deer Stone-Khirigsuur Complex and its Inner Asian Context"
- Ahmet Hojam, "The legends about “Fragrant concubine”: the collective memory of the Uyghur who had been migrated to
Peking after Manchu conquered East Turkistan"
- Richard Kortum, "Mongolian Deer Imagery from the Biluut Rock Art Complex"
- Kenneth Lymer, "Rock Art and Landscape in the later Bronze Age to Iron Age of southeastern Kazakhstan"
- Elena Paskaleva, "The Architecture of the Four- iwan Kosh"
- Zukhra Rakhimova, "Sufi Clothes in the Temurid miniature painting"
- Chienyu Shih, "Kashgar ‘Old City’ Dismantlement: a Project to Restructure Uyghur Social and National Identity"
- Heather Sonntag, "Re-Photography & Imperial Rule: A Contest for “Turkestan” in Album Images of the Shrine Complex of
Ahmad Yasavi"
- Sylvia Zhekova, "The miroir of the self or the beginning of photography in Turkestan"

For more information, go to the site of MIASU, the Mongolia and Inner Asia Studies Unit.

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