Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Nomadic culture exhibition comes to Ulaanbaatar

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The Kharkhorium Museum and Institute of History and the Mongolian Academy of Sciences are presenting some of the 500 objects related to Tureg on March 29th at the Mongolian Art Gallery. The exhibition will show traditional tombs, highlight customs, artifacts, and maps from the 7th century Tureg. The Institute of History, the Mongolian Academy of Sciences, Euro-Asian University in conjunction with L.N.Gumilyev first showed the artifacts at the ‘Ancient Tureg Heritage in Mongolia’ archeology exhibition in Bayannuur sum, Bulgan aimag in 2011.

The event features more than 550 precious artifacts recently unearthed by a joint Mongolian-Kazakh archaeological team from a Tujue-era tomb in Mongolia's northern Bulgan province. According to the gallery, the tomb was the most intact one of its kind ever discovered in Mongolia and the excavated relics were rarely-seen in Mongolia and even in the Central Asia region. This exhibition, which runs through April 9, was organized by Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and Science Academy of Mongolia in a bid to show Mongolians the precious ancient works of art and let them know better about ancient cultures.

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