Monday, 29 October 2012

Han dynasty silk clothing unearthed

Source: CCTV  21.9.2012

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Now, let’s join a team of archaeologists in Shandong Province for their recently unearthed discovery. Archaeologists in Heze city found access to a secret mezzanine structure inside a Han Dynasty tomb, unveiling a silk robe.
The robe was sealed in a box made of bamboo, hidden in a concealed area in the tomb. Experts say it’s the first time ever that they have found a piece of clothing stored this way as a funeral item. Judging from the jade-ware decoration, they believe it’s a personal belonging of the tomb’s owner, the mother of West Han Dynasty’s Emperor Ai. The discovery has lent much support to the historical studies on the Han Dynasty.
silk robe unearthed
a bronze mirror and silk robe

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