Saturday, 17 November 2012

Marco Polo was in China

Hans Ulrich Vogel, Tübingen University

Biographical note
Hans Ulrich Vogel, Ph.D. (1983) in Sinology, Zürich University is Professor for Chinese History and Society at Tübingen University. He has published monographs, articles and translations mainly on the history of society, economy, science and technology in premodern China.

All those interested in Marco Polo research, intercivilisational encounters between China and the West, and the economic, monetary and financial history of the Mongol Yuan empire.

Table of contents
Preface from Mark Elvin
Préface de Philippe Ménard
Preface from the Author
Transliteration and Conventions

I. Introduction
II. Paper Money in Yuan China
III. Cowry Monies Circulating in Yunnan and Southeast Asia
IV. Salt Production and Salt Monies in Yunnan and Tebet
V. Production, Revenue and Trade of Salt in Changlu and Lianghuai
VI. Tax Revenue of Hangzhou and its Territory
VII. Administrative-geographical Divisions in Yuan China
VIII. Conclusions


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