Sunday, 27 September 2015

Photo Report of "Kublai Setsen Khan - 800" exhibition

In scope with the 800th birth anniversary of Kublai Setsen Khan, the exhibition titled "Kublai Setsen Khan - 800" is being showed at the National Museum of Mongolia until October 20th. The exhibition consists of 300 archaeological discoveries, scriptural findings and heritage findings of the Yuan Dynasty found on Mongolian territory.
Working hours of Mongolian National Museum: Daily 08AM - 08.30PM
Address: West side of the Government House, Juulchin Street, Chingeltei District
Inquiry: (+976 - 11) 326802, (+976?) 70110911
Vessels from Khubilai's invasions of Japan /found from Japanese sea/
Drawing showing Mongolians' attack in 1293 /restored at Saitama's museum in 1819-1843/
Язгууртны дээл
Юань улсын судар /Юань Ши/ XX зуун

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