Sunday, 13 September 2015

Setsen Khublai Khan’s Heritage exhibit to open

The UB Post September 10, 2015 by B.Dulguun
The National Museumof Mongolia will be launching a temporary exhibit, Setsen Khublai Khaan’s Heritage, from September 15 to commemorate the 800th anniversary of Khublai Khaan’s birth.

The flagship of the exhibit will be “Khublai Khaan Hunting” painting by Chinese court artist Liu Guandao, painted around 1279 to 1300 during the Yuan dynasty. 

Khublai Khaan Hunting” was presented by the National Palace Museum in Taipei, Taiwan along with portraits of eight Mongolian emperors and 15 queens.

Lifestyle, fashion and hunting techniques of the time can be observed from the painting of Khublai Khaan on a hunting expedition.

Physical evidences connected to Khublai Khaan are very rare, but his portrait, depicting him during a hunt, his banknotes and letters are preserved by the National Museum of Mongolia.

Chinggis Khaan’s grandson Khublai Khaan came to the throne in 1260, and became the ruler of the Mongol Empire. He also founded the Yuan dynasty in China in 1271, and ruled as the first Yuan emperor until his death in 1294.

Setsen Khublai Khaan’s Heritage exhibit will display deel, shoes, headwear, arrow and bow, and other artifacts belonging to the time period of Khublai Khaan’s reign. 

The exhibit will be open for only five days until September 20.

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