Thursday, 13 January 2011

China and Kenya joint excavation project on islands

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The latest information about the search in Kenya for artefacts and descendants from the time of Zhang He.

Archeologists from both China and Kenya are joining forces in a large scale excavation project on islands off the coast of Kenya. Recently a team of Chinese experts were dispatched to the area, signaling the beginning of a 3-year research commitment.
The largest three islands of the Lamu Archipelago are namely the Pate Island, Manda Island and the Lamu Island. Archeologists first paid a visit to the town of Pate, which was founded by refugees from Oman in the 8th century. Buildings and houses built with coral reef are seen everywhere. The locals say the principal parts of many of the constructions were created in the 13th century.
With the guidance of the local Pate Museum staff, Chinese archeologists came to the beach nearby, where they've discovered debris of blue and white Chinese porcelains.
In the town of Siyu, an ancient mausoleum captured the attention of Chinese archeologists.
Unfortunately written materials detailing the tomb owner's social status and activities are hard to find.
The local people proclaim they are Chinese descendants. Is this claim true and where did all the porcelain wares in her tomb come from? Chinese archeologists and their Kenyan peers have pledged to reveal the truth.

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