Sunday, 2 January 2011

Song paintings compilation released

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The fine art of painting reached a pinnacle during China's Song Dynasty some one thousand years ago. Song dynasty paintings are known for their wide selection of subject matter and subtle use of ink and brushes. Recently a series of compilation publications of Song Dynasty paintings were introduced to the public.
Numerous books have compiled masterpieces by painters of the Song Dynasty, including Wang Ximeng, Zhao Chang and Guo Xi. Most of the original works are collected from more than ten countries around the world.
The paintings featured in the books are in their scaled down versions, with notes detailing their original sizes.
Xiao Yanji, Editor in Chief, said, "Decay sets in ancient paintings over the years, so we are extremely cautious when opening a scroll. Now this refined publication comes in handy, you don't have to go to the original for further study."
The project of compiling masterpieces of the Song Dynasty paintings began five years ago. Eight volumes are scheduled for the project made up of a total of 32 books, so far five volumes are finished and are available in the market.

Source: CCTV

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