Thursday, 6 January 2011

New Virtual Afghan Culture Museum

This virtual museum will function as a kind of multimedia encyclopaedia of Afghan civilization.With two primary aims:
* To help Afghanistan reclaim its own history, and the dignity of its rich tapestry of civilizations. This will especially appeal to Afghan youth, offering keys to their identity, their pride of heritage, and their desire to rebuild their own future.
*To enable a much larger public to discover one of humanity's most ancient civilizations, and its contribution to human history. This will be the only major museum which has no specific physical location.
The educational aspect will also be emphasized, with commentaries available in four languages : English, French, Dari, and Pashto.
It is a museum which will always be open, and accessible from anywhere.

There will be 12 pavilions, each pavilion will have between 8 and 10 thematic galleries, each object will have 3 access levels : a short description, an encyclopedic one,and an academic one, the third one. Each object will be contextualized geographically, ethnographically, historically with a comparative with Europe and the Far East.
It will be in four languages, Afghan Persian, Pashto, which are the most spoken languages in Afghanistan and of course French and English.
The approach will be absolutly multi media, which means photos, videos, sounds, music, a.s.o., will be in the museum, interactive, user friendly, which what this technology offers : the possibility "to dig" into more complex content and for the persons who are not familiar with museum there will be guides, but not usual museum guides, art lovers, and of course a contemporary pavilion, to show the rebirth of the rich cultural life in Afghanistan, which is not designed yet.

Curious? Visit the site by clicking HERE

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