Sunday, 30 January 2011

Site of the Yuan Dynasty Upper Capital at the Unesco World Heritage List?

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As the competition by various cultural and natural attractions heats up to be listed as a World Cultural Heritage, two cases stand out as strong contenders. Yuannan province's Chengjiang fossils site, and the site of Inner Mongolia's Yuan Dynasty Upper Capital have both made application to UNESCO to make the coveted list in 2012. Let's find out what makes these sites so special.
Chengjiang Fossil Site has been hailed as an aggregation of ancient biological species. In July 1984, animal species from the Cambrian period around 530 million years ago were found here, as a testimony of the breakout of life during this period. Experts have extolled the site as an outstanding example of reflecting the evolution of life in the world's bio-sphere.
Site of the Yuan Dynasty Upper Capital, located in the Xilingol League of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, is where Ghinggis Khan's grandson Kublai Khan established the summer capital of the Yuan dynasty during the 13th and 14th century. It's the earliest Yuan dynasty capital and also prominent for its intact status. The layout testifies to the merging of Mongolia and Han cultures as it features characteristics of both nationalities.

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