Sunday, 1 September 2013

Kroraina on the Silk Road

The Kroraina Code
by Bi Ran

About the Book
The author spent five years doing research before she wrote Kroraina Code, using the writing technique of cultural prose. The book vividly illustrates the rise and fall of Kroraina, the mysterious city on the Silk Road that suddenly disappeared in the fourth century. Through several perspectives, including history, sociology, geography, archeology, and folklore, the book interprets Kroraina, its culture, and the many questions that still remain. Kroraina Code provides a unique understanding as well as the latest viewpoint on this destination from the distant past. The book strives to paint a multi-dimensional and fascinating picture of Kroraina’s culture.

About the Author 
Bi Ran is a picture book writer, illustrator, and the deputy secretary-general of children’s literature at Xinjiang Research Association. She lives in Urumqi. Her other works include the poetry “Flying with Dreams,” the children’s book The Dreams Drawing Imp, and books for the Mummy’s Baby series.

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