Sunday, 14 September 2014

Andin: The Armenian Journey Chronicles

Armenia presents film tracing Silk Road

YEREVAN, Armenia, Sept. 9 (Xinhua) -- An Armenian movie director on Monday presented a documentary film about his nation's role in the ancient Silk Road.
"We tried to uncover the hidden secrets of the past" Ruben Giney told Xinhua at the premiere of "Andin: The Armenian Journey Chronicles" at Moscow Cinema in Yerevan.
"Our motion picture is based on archeological excavations and international scientific publications. ... I must note that we have consulted with the leading experts in this field. All this make our film really unique," he said.
The director added that he tried to make the movie interesting to both scientists and students.
Giney has shown interest in history, archeology and ethnography for a long time. More than once he participated in scientific expeditions in Central Asia. In 2011, he decided to shoot the documentary.
The film is shot in 11 different countries, and the director is happy to hold a premiere in his homeland.
Based on eight extraordinary archeological discoveries, the documentary showed various unknown historical facts about the ancient East. Some unique documents and artifacts were found during the shooting of the film.


Year of participation2014
ProgramArmenian Panorama

Producer(s)Grant Sahakyan
DirectorRuben Giney
ScriptRuben Giney
Director of PhotographyAzat Gevorgyan, Lin Zhao, Jerome Colin, Ivan Kuptsov, Janek Schwirten
Music byLuis Argüelles
SoundLuis Argüelles
EditRuben Giney
Production company(-ies)Orion Beijing Branch, Wuyi Garden, Tonghu Street, 68. Tongzhou District Beijing, China 101119 +86 186 1168 2102


Andin: Armenian Journey Chronicles is an exciting experience about traveling to the farthest corners of an Asian Сontinent trying to resolve a single question: how the Armenians were able to link the east and west, long before the discovery age? Within 2 years, the crew filmed in 11 countries including India, China, Tibet, Central Asia, Russia, Armenia, Santo Domingo. In pursuit of unique archival materials, manuscripts, personal journals and diaries from the libraries of Paris, London, Mexico, Lisbon were filmed. The results of these studies formed the basis of an academic essay. Andin: Armenian Journey Chronicles conceived as a project that will allow viewer to make discoveries together with filmmakers as if he was a part of a group while traveling.

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