Thursday, 15 January 2015

Buddhist Art: A Fragile Inheritance

BUDDHIST ART: A FRAGILE INHERITANCE - TRAILER from Mark Stewart Productions on Vimeo.

A sumptuously shot documentary feature, Buddhist Art: A Fragile Inheritance explores the merits of conserving over restoring wall paintings in the Himalayan region, in order to preserve an ancient cultural heritage.

Across Asia, in remote valleys and forgotten monasteries, a spectacular but little-known part of the world’s cultural heritage is slowly disappearing. Buddhist wall paintings, in caves and ancient temples, document the original spread of the faith throughout India and China. But these masterpieces are under threat from natural disasters, changing climates, human pressures and the relentless passage of time.

Much has been lost already and, unless help arrives soon, many more of the delicate survivors will eventually cease to exist. Shot in the Indian Himalayas, Bhutan and Dunhuang in Western China, Buddhist Art: A Fragile Inheritance is an hour-long documentary from Mark Stewart Productions that explores this fading legacy and follows specialists from the Courtauld Institute of Art as they work to preserve these historical treasures.

Genre: Non Fiction
Sub Genre: Documentary
Year of Production: 2014 
Running Time:1 x 58 minutes
Production Company:Mark Stewart Productions in association with Robert H N Ho Family Foundation Centre for Buddhist Art and Conservation at the Courtauld

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