Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Three new life size Buddha statues discovered at Mes Aynak

Incredible news! THREE new life size Buddha statues were just discovered by Afghan archaeologists at Mes Aynak! 
One is complete and untouched by looters. 
This proves there is SO MUCH yet to discover at the ancient archaeological city of Mes Aynak, Afghanistan.
Archaeologists are racing around the clock as the site could be destroyed at any time by a Chinese copper mining company.
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Francis ODonnell , of " In the footsteps of Marco Polo " said...

The Chinese with their new found wealth and power have been going around the world and devouring the worlds resources. Which they badly need to sustain their huge population. This ravenous hunger will never abate as smaller , impoverished country , sell the future at bargain rates. Destroying everything in their wake as a swarm of locusts , for the Chinese there are no consequences ... Ask the Tibetans , Uygars , Elephants, Tigers , Sharks , if you can find one ! They should pay $ for the preservation work going on at Mes Aynak !