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Lecture Gengis Khan at the National Museum of Mongolia


Lecture about new exhibition in USA

An innovative new exhibition “Genghis    khan’s   Mongolia-life in the greatest empire” has just completed in Denver CO. Exhibition creator Don Lessem give an interesting lecture on February 19th, 2010 in Ulaanbaatar. On this exhibition showing of more than 200 objects from the collection of the National Museum of Mongolia, Institute of Archaeology Mongolian Academy of Sciences. Additional artifacts provided from the Russia, Hermitage museum – Golden Horde and Khubilai Khan era treasures by international collectors.
According to minister of Culture, Education and Science Yo. Otgonbayar The exhibition is unlike any others titled Genghis Khan exhibitions in closely portraying Great Chingiss khan in closely portraying Great portraying Genghis's overlooked contributions to world civilizations via video, moving maps, and large original murals. According to Culture, Education and Science, Otgonbayar. The exhibition is unlike any others titled Genghis Khan in closely portraying Genghis's overlooked contributions to world  civilizations via video, moving maps, and large original murals. Elaborate sets reconstruct the grasslands origins of Genghis,  Ogudei's capital in Karakorum, and the lavish Yuan palaces of Kublai in Beijing. Children can dig for replica artifacts, fire toy catapults, and take on computerized roles in Genghis's empire.  The exhibition highlights traditional Mongolian arts with live performances by Mongolian throat singers, dancers and morin khuur players, while visitors make Mongolian traditional hats and step inside a traditional ger.
Author, television personality, and exhibit-maker Don Lessem, whose specialty is paleontology, says "I learned of Genghis's true genius 20 years ago when I first came to Mongolia to write on dinosaurs, and have wanted to be a part of changing international prejudices about this great man ever since." Lessem spent 7 years arranging permissions and constructing the exhibition. "I think the response in Denver, drawing 25% more visitors than expected, testifies to the fascination so many in the West have with Genghis and Mongolia."  The Genghis exhibition will appear in summer 2011 at the Irving Arts Center in Dallas, Texas. Lessem and officials of the Ministry of Culture, Education and Science will formally announce the Texas appearance as well as preceding international museum venues at today's conference.
Lessem will also be introducing a book he sponsored to coincide with the exhibition, "Genghis Khan and the Mongol Empire." This book features essays by 30 leading Mongolists worldwide, including Professor Shagdaryn Bira and other Mongolian scholars. Smithsonian archaeologists William Fitzhugh, Yale University professor William Honeychurch, and Columbia University professor Morris Rossabi edited the 330-page illustrated work.
Says Dr. Fitzhugh, "This book is a unique illustrated scholarly work that presents Mongolian archaeology and history from Ice Age times to the present with a major focus on Genghis--the man, the conqueror, the statesman, the empire he created and describes his legacy in the modern world." The book is available through the University of Washington Press in Seattle and is co-published by Lessem and the Arctic Studies Center of the Smithsonian, headed by Dr. Fitzhugh, and the Mongolian Preservation Foundation, an international non-profit for cultural support founded by Mongolian art impresario Natsag Ganhkuyag, Fitzhugh, and Lessem.
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From: National Museum of Mongolia March 21, 2012

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