Thursday, 14 February 2013

An English boy in Chinese Turkestan

From Chinese manuscripts by Imre Galambos

I just received a hard copy of this paper and am putting it up a PDF so it is more accessible. The paper is about the young English boy who travelled with Tachibana Zuicho to Western China in 1910 on an archaeological expedition, and who appears in Peter Hopkirk’s book Foreign Devils on the Silk Road as “A. O. Hobbs.” Although almost nothing was known about him, I managed to dig up some additional information, including his family background and some forgotten details about the expeditions.
Here is the bibliographic information:
Imre Galambos. “An English boy in Chinese Turkestan: The story of Orlando Hobbs”.Studia Orientalia Slovaca 10/1 (2011), pp. 81-98.


Swindon Collection, Central Library said...

There is also a 2008 article by Dr Galambos about Orlando Hobbs: "An English Participant in the Japanese exploration of Central Asia : the role of A.O. Hobbs in the third Otani expedition".

Hans van Roon said...

Thanks for the link. I just (re-)published it.

Earlier there was in 2010 an article on the IDP site about Orlando Hobbs: