Friday, 3 May 2013

Exhibition on Cultural Exchange and Cooperation between China and Central & Eastern Europe

National Museum of China, Beijing
Date: May14 - May 20, 2013
Venue: Gallery S8

Central and Eastern European countries are among the first to have established diplomatic relationships with the People’s Republic of China and have a long history of cultural exchanges with China. The Chinese Government has always attached great importance for the cultural exchanges and cooperation with these countries and enjoyed ever-growing fruitful cultural exchanges with them on the basis of mutual respect, equality, sincere and win-win cooperation. The physical and image materials displayed in this exhibition epitomize the highlights in the cultural exchanges between China and Central & Eastern Europe countries over the past six decades, witness the growing exchanges and painstaking efforts of generations of culturati, and arouse “golden memory” in this regard. Approaching to the future with memory of the history is a shared aspiration of all of us.

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