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Mausoleum of Hamadani in Merv

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Turkmenistan | Merv | Mausoleum of Hamadani

In an earlier post I mentioned Ghujdawani (d.1179), the first of theSeven Khwajagan of the Bukhara Oasis. Al-Ghujdawani’s teacher was Abu Ya`qub Yusuf ibn Ayyab ibn Yusuf ibn al-Husayn al-Hamadani (to give his full name). Yusuf al-Hamadani was born in 1062 in a village near the city of Hamadan in what was then Khorasan, now Iran. At the age of eighteen he moved to Baghdad where he quickly attained the reputation as one of the leading scholars of his time. 

According to a biographical Sketch of Hamadani
Later in his life he secluded himself and left the world behind. He became an ascetic and engaged in constant worship andmujahada (spiritual struggle). He associated with Shaykh Abdullah Ghuwayni and Shaykh Hasan Simnani, but his secret was given him by Shaykh Abu `Ali al-Farmadhi. He made progress in self-denial and contemplation until he became theGhawth (Arch-Intercessor) of his time. He was known as the Rain of Realities and Truth and Spiritual Knowledge. He finally settled in Merv. Through him countless miraculous events occurred.
Hamadani (center)
Hamadani died and was entombed at Merv. His mausoleum is today one of the most sacred and perhaps the most popular pilgrimage site in Turkmenistan.
 Right across the road from the Hamadani Mausoleum Complex are the ruins of ancient Merv (click on photos for enlargements)
Although the surrounding area is parched and bleak desert a riot of flowers blooms within the complex itself
 Flowerbeds in the complex
 The mausoleum of Hamadani (center)
 The mausoleum of Hamadani (right)
 The tomb of Hamadani
 Another view of the tomb of Hamadani

 High school students praying before the tomb of Hamadani 
Pilgrim circumambulating the mausoleum of Hamadani
Pilgrim praying before the tomb of Hamadani
There are persistent rumors in esoteric circles that the area around Hamadani’s mausoleum also serves as a Portal To Shambhala. This must remain conjecture. Although I did receive Shambhalic vibrations while I was there I did not encounter any portals. This may, of course, be a result of my own inadequacies. 

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