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Liu Bo is Manager of IDP China at the National Library of China, and currently a visiting fellow at Harvard-Yenching Library at Harvard University cataloguing their collections of ancient Chinese local histories.
Below the Google translate version of this article:
Recently, the National Library of China (IDP) studio digitized BD02745 "Amitayus were to go through." 
This Dunhuang document of 161 cm, consists of four sheets of paper sticking together and transcribe 114 lines. "Amitayus were to go through," is the rule of Dunhuang Tibetan period (786-848) is a very popular Buddhist scripture, it is also a test paper copy of the Tubo period, small print dense lines, with significant Tibetan sutra period features.

At the end of this writing, there is a signature "Lu Nikko." Nikko identity of the LV, and now has been difficult to examine it. Or maybe he was the owner of the facilities made by this volume by the book, maybe he just collated or readers. Write volumes on the back, the Department has a "golden" word. This is the Golden Light Temple in Dunhuang short, it indicates that the scriptures are the property of Golden Light Temple. Golden Light Monastery in west sand chow in Tubo period and Guiyijun period, is a large temple, with light years between the Later Tang Dynasty (923-926) 62 monks who, quite prosperous. Cao Yuanzhong Guiyijun Jiedushi approach things worked in the monastery. The temple has a temple school, 索勋 grandson cable Fortis had to study in the monastery. The temple also has Tripitaka, the examination paper is one of them.

This paper was testimony is over Dunhuang Buddhist prosperity, energy has been retained in the Library Cave, and can be described as lucky. Interested parties can carefully enjoy this one a thousand years ago Sutra by IDP sites.

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