Sunday, 23 November 2014

Marco Polo on Netflix

With less than a month before its debut, Netflix has released the first full-length trailer for Marco Polo, its new series retelling the story of the real-life trader and world-traveler from the 13th century.

“All my life, I've waited for the great adventurer to offer me a place at his side,” Polo (newcomer Lorenzo Richelmy) says at the start of the trailer, before we see the young Marco be given by his father to Mongol emperor Kublai Khan as tribute (Prometheus’ Benedict Wong plays Khan). “Am I a prisoner?” Polo asks in a later scene, to which Khan responds, “A man who proves his loyalty to me can take whatever he wishes.”
Alongside Wong and Richelmy, Marco Polo — created by Academy Award nominee John Fusco — also features Joan ChenChin Han and The Flash’s Olivia Cheng. The show is a co-production between Netflix and The Weinstein Co.
Marco Polo premieres on Netflix Dec. 12.

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