Saturday 31 January 2015

From Yuan to Modern China and Mongolia

From Yuan to Modern China and Mongolia
The Writings of Morris Rossabi
Morris Rossabi, the City University of New York

Morris Rossabi, the City University of New York

Publication Date: 
November 2014
Publication Type: 
Pages, Illustr.: 
viii, 702 pp.


Francis ODonnell , of " In the footsteps of Marco Polo " said...

Great Presidents, Prime ministers ,Kings, Dictators and Scholars, Counts, despots , and Students! and People of all degrees who desire to get knowledge of the various races of mankind and of the diversities of the sundry regions of the World, take this Book and cause it to be read to you. For ye shall find therein all kinds of wonderful things, and the divers histories of " The Yuan to Modern China and Mongolia " the Land of the Tartars, and of India, and of many other countries of which our Book doth speak, particularly and in regular succession, according to the description of Messer Morris Rossabi , a wise and noble citizen of New York City, he has learned these things with his own Mind . Some things indeed there be therein which he beheld not; but these he heard from men of credit and veracity, such as Marco Polo. And he set down things seen as seen, and things heard as heard only, so that no jot of falsehood may mar the truth of our Book, and that all who shall read it or hear it read may put full faith in the truth of all its contents.
For let me tell you that since our Lord God did mold with his hands our first Father Adam, even until this day, never hath there been Christian, or Pagan, or Tartar, or Indian, or any man of any nation, who in his own person hath had so much knowledge and experience of the divers parts of the World and its Wonders as hath had this Messer Marco! And for that reason he bethought himself that it would be a very great pity did he not cause to be put in writing all the great marvels that he had seen, or on sure information heard of, so that other people who had not these advantages might, by Professor Rossabi's book, get such knowledge. And I may tell you that in acquiring this knowledge he spent in those various parts of the World good six-and-twenty years. Now, being thereafter an inmate of the Libraries around the world, he caused Messer Rossabi of NYC, who was in the said establishmenys likewise, to reduce the whole to writing; and this befell in the year 2015 from the birth of Jesus.

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