Monday, 9 April 2012

Exquisite China from the Song Dynasty Goes on Display

“Harmony in Clay: The Elegance and Refinement of Song Ceramics.” 108 individual works of ceramic art are now at the Morris Museum in the US state of New Jersey, just outside of New York City. The exhibit is the end result of decades of work.
The collection assembles a near-complete example of the works of the eight most prominent and complex kiln groups of the Song Dynasty.
Rosemary Scott, a Christie’s International academic director, was invited to present a program on Song ceramics. She introduced the artistic achievements and features of the various groups of ceramic works.
[Rosemary Scott, Christie’s International Academic Director]: 
“I think what we hope is that people will come to this exhibition and they walk in perhaps knowing literal nothing about Chinese ceramics, look and simply see beautiful objects. I hope they will also read the labels and read some of the text panels and understand a little more about the amazing technology that has produced some of the most beautiful pieces.”
This is one example. It’s nearly a thousand years old.
[Rosemary Scott, Christie’s International Academic Director]:
“China has always led the world in ceramic technology. Technologically incredibly advanced to produce really beautiful objects that anyone can appreciate. Hopefully it would draw them into Chinese culture.”
Tea and Chinese sweets were served. In the background hung a famous painting portraying the prosperous lifestyles of the Song people. A series of programs related to Chinese arts have been arranged along with the exhibition.
The exhibition will continue until June 24th.

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