Tuesday, 24 April 2012

International Dunhuang Project – Reuniting dispersed information around the globe

Highly ambitous collaboration of various international institutions for preserving and cataloguing materials like manuscripts, printed documents or paintings that were discovered along the Silk Road in the early 20th century. Providing free online access to images and related information, IDP is a truly valuable source not only for researchers but for anyone interested in the heritage of the Silk Road.
“[...] The turmoil of the twentieth century meant that conservation and cataloguing were delayed, further hindering access. Following a conference in 1993 to discuss the problem of preservation and access, The International Dunhuang Project (IDP) was formed in 1994 with external funds out of a desire by the holding institutions to work together to rectify this by reuniting all these artefacts through the highest quality digital photography, by coordinating international teams of conservators, cataloguers and researchers to ensure the objects’ preservation and cataloguing, and by pushing the limits of new web technologies to make this material accessible to all. [...]”
Learn more about the International Dunhuang Project and visit their website: International Dunhuang Project – idp.bl.uk
The current issue of IDP’s Newsletter is dedicated to the Diamond Sutra, which is considered to be the world’s earliest example of a printed book, that remains almost unspoiled until today. Also accessible online, it features a digitalized version of the complete scroll!
Read the current issue here: IDP Newsletter

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